CS 373 Week 3

Feb 04 - Feb 10

What did you do this past week? I actually started working on the Collatz project and ended up making significant progress! I’m passing all of the HackerRank tests, so now I just have to write some acceptance tests and get the documentation up to par. It was fun coming up with ways to implement the optimizations we discussed in class. Since I made sure to commit after each change, it was very easy to see exactly how each affected the runtime. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 2

Jan 28 - Feb 03

What did you do this past week? I got a hold of the text book since I had forgotten to previously which led to me missing a couple of quiz questions. Also I got docker working and tried it out. It’s pretty cool how easy it makes it to create separate environments, and because of that I plan on using it with some personal projects going forward. Also I started planning out some stuff for the Collatz Project but haven’t fully started yet. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 1

Jan 21 - Jan 27

What did you do this past week? I’ve mainly just worked on setting up this blog and getting everything sorted out and ready to go for the semester. I made a HackerRank account and it seems like a really cool platform. I spent some time solving the basic C++ questions and it worked really well so hopefully all will go well when it comes time for exams. What’s in your way? [Read More]