What did you do this past week?

We finished up phase 3 pretty early, so we had some extra days to work on refining the documentation and unit tests. Before starting phase 3, we made sure to write up a specification of what query parameters we would used for each of filtering, searching, and sorting so that backend and frontend could advance independently. It worked really well, but for a long time we didn’t have the backend actually returning the proper data to the frontend since our backend people were working on a different branch, and when we finally merged the changes it was really cool to see everything just fall into place.

What’s in your way?

This week, not much. I suppose we’ll be starting on phase 4, so the main thing we’ll have to worry about is visualization and presentation, which shouldn’t be too bad since most of our data is numerical.

What will you do next week?

Next week I have registration on Tuesday, so I’m excited for that. I’m still not 100% certain which classes I’ll be signing up for but hopefully I’ll figure that out tomorrow. Honestly I’m just ready for the semester to be over so I can get some much needed sleep.

What was your experience of Project #4: IDB3?

It wasn’t that bad at all, especially compared with phase 2. Like I mentioned before, our group created some preliminary documentation of how we wanted to API query parameters to look before writing a single line of code. This made it easy for the backend to blindly consume query parameters while trusting that the frontend was providing the correct ones. Likewise, the frontend could provide the desired query parameters to the backend and trust that the data being returned was properly sorted, filtered, and relevant to the search. In the previous phase, work on the project stalled several times because of one team waiting on the work of another to be complete so that they could test their newly written code. This was inefficient and caused us to cut it close to the deadline, so that’s why we came up with a better structure for this phase.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

My tip of the week is to learn how to properly use git! It seems obvious but there’s so much that can be done with git, and I find that many people rarely delve into it further than git pull and git push. Learning how to use git allows one to streamline their workflow so that it’s a tool for improving efficiency rather than just a clunky sync tool getting in the way.

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