What did you do this past week?

Our group crunched pretty hard on the project, with some of us working 8 hours or more per day on the last 3 days before it was do. That may not seem like a lot compared to working in the industry, but keep in mind we still had other classwork to do as well. All-in-all we finished on time for the original deadline, which meant that we had an extra day to polish up anything that we had skimmed over the first time. Now that we’re able to actually display real data, I’m sorta proud of what we’ve created. I’m definitely excited for the next phases when we can flesh it out a bit more.

What’s in your way?

Mainly just being able to motivate our group to work on it before the last couple of days. I think last week’s crunch was mainly due to the annoying scheduling, since everyone was out of town for spring break.

What will you do next week?

This week we’ll hopefully get started early on the next phase, however I do have some exams in other classes I’ll have to be studying for. We might aim to at least figure out how we’ll need to change the API to accomodate for filtering, searching, and sorting.

What was your experience of Project #3: IDB2?

It was okay. The worst part about it was that Downing scheduled it during spring break, which wasn’t very nice of him. It caused us to not be able to meet in person for pair programming which set us back a lot. I’m proud of what we’ve made so far but the crunch has left me sleep deprived and annoyed.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

My pick of the week is wxPython. As the name might suggest, it’s a Python library for creating wxWidgets applications. It makes it really easy to quickly throw together a functional GUI without having to worry about a lot of initialization or layout stuff.

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