What did you do this past week?

Our team got down to business on the main chunk of work for project 2 phase 1. We’ve been doing pretty well even though we’ve only had the chance to meet during the evenings for this past week. Tomorrow we’ll grind and finish up the rest of the requirements before turning it in on Tuesday.

What’s in your way?

We’ve mainly been struggling with learning the technology that we’re using. For example, some of our guys don’t really know HTML, JS, or CSS in some way or another. Besides that we’ve been figuring out how to properly deploy to Google Cloud Platform automatically which was cool once we got it working.

What will you do next week?

Tomorrow we have to write the technical report and finalize our API with Postman, which will probably be the bulk of work next week. Besides that we’ll be starting on phase 2, and primarily working on getting Flask and React up and running.

What did you think of the talk by Jesse on security?

I enojoyed it, though I knew everything he talked about since I took Intro to Computer Security last semester. It was good to be reminded of, since we’ll be accepting user input in phase 3. I thought his presentation style didn’t feel as prepared as Downing’s, and he called on people for oddly specific questions which they didn’t really know the answer to. Also I thought it was entertaining how Downing kept asking him questions without letting him finish and kept side-tracking the lecture.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

Speaking of security, my pick-of-the-week is the class CS 361, Intro to Computer Security with Dr. Coffman-Wolph. I really enjoyed the project in which we implemented the AES encryption scheme and the final which was a Capture The Flag contest. This was all with the TA Michael Asper who was extremely dedicated so I’m not sure whether the class is like that going forward since I heard that he isn’t TAing for it anymore. Either way, class was often very short and the slides were interesting and had enough information that I didn’t need to take notes.

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