CS 373 Week 12

Apr 15 - Apr 21

What did you do this past week? We finished up phase 3 pretty early, so we had some extra days to work on refining the documentation and unit tests. Before starting phase 3, we made sure to write up a specification of what query parameters we would used for each of filtering, searching, and sorting so that backend and frontend could advance independently. It worked really well, but for a long time we didn’t have the backend actually returning the proper data to the frontend since our backend people were working on a different branch, and when we finally merged the changes it was really cool to see everything just fall into place. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 11

Apr 8 - Apr 14

What did you do this past week? This week I’ve mainly been working and procrastinating on math homework for Real Analysis. It’s been annoying since I had a bit of a hard time starting it which made it even harder to actually try. Besides that, our group worked on a big chunk of phase 3. Frontend is basically done but we still have some stuff to sort out with backend and deployment. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 10

Apr 1 - Apr 7

What did you do this past week? This past week was pretty chill with regard to SWE, however in two of my other classes I had exams. My math exam ended up going moderately well I think, but I haven’t gotten the grade back yet so we’ll see. My other exam was for Declarative Programming, and it went really well even though I hadn’t studied until an hour before the exam. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 9

Mar 25 - Mar 31

What did you do this past week? Our group crunched pretty hard on the project, with some of us working 8 hours or more per day on the last 3 days before it was do. That may not seem like a lot compared to working in the industry, but keep in mind we still had other classwork to do as well. All-in-all we finished on time for the original deadline, which meant that we had an extra day to polish up anything that we had skimmed over the first time. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 8

Mar 11 - Mar 17

What did you do this past week? Mainly I just studied for the exam, and then I drove back home this weekend for the break. The exam wasn’t that bad, but I’ll elaborate more below. As for the drive back home, we ended up taking the backroads instead of the interstate and it really helped with traffic. In fact, we hardly saw any other cars along the way, which was really peaceful. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 7

Mar 4 - Mar 10

What did you do this past week? I’ve mainly just been chillin’ for this class after finishing up with phase 1. It’s been nice to have time to focus on other classes, especially since my math homework has been taking up a lot of time recently. Math and extra curriculars have been my main priority this past week, but the extra curriculars are starting to wind down a little which is good since I don’t know how much longer I would have been able to keep doing everything at the same time. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 6

Feb 25 - Mar 3

What did you do this past week? Our team got down to business on the main chunk of work for project 2 phase 1. We’ve been doing pretty well even though we’ve only had the chance to meet during the evenings for this past week. Tomorrow we’ll grind and finish up the rest of the requirements before turning it in on Tuesday. What’s in your way? We’ve mainly been struggling with learning the technology that we’re using. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 5

Feb 18 - Feb 24

What did you do this past week? I joined a group for project 2, though it wasn’t the group I initially thought I would be joining. There was a bit of confusion on who was in which group, and we ended up having too many people so I volunteered to move to a different group. I know two of the people in my new group quite well, so it’s nice to be working with them. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 4

Feb 11 - Feb 17

What did you do this past week? Last week I finished the Collatz project easily enough, I mainly just had to finish the documentation requirements. I did end up implementing a meta cache based on the intervals idea we discussed in class, since my code would randomly fail HackerRank’s third test due to timeout. The optimization brought the time down to just 1.5 seconds, which was honestly surprising how well it worked. [Read More]

CS 373 Week 3

Feb 04 - Feb 10

What did you do this past week? I actually started working on the Collatz project and ended up making significant progress! I’m passing all of the HackerRank tests, so now I just have to write some acceptance tests and get the documentation up to par. It was fun coming up with ways to implement the optimizations we discussed in class. Since I made sure to commit after each change, it was very easy to see exactly how each affected the runtime. [Read More]